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October 22, 2009

Secession in the news

Filed under: Uncategorized — Chris Bertram @ 8:45 am

A few disputes related to secession are in the news at the moment. First, in Sudan, there is disagreement about the criteria that need to be met if secession by the south is to be legitimate, with the southern government rejecting a deal requiring a 66 per cent turnout and a 50 per cent plus 1 vote. In the United States, there is a distinct rise in chatter about secession following remarks by Texas Governor Rick Perry. Three EU States—Spain, Romania, and Cyprus—are backing Serbia’s case against the independence of Kosovo in the International Court of Justice, but the official EU line remains pro-secession. Finally, an interesting piece in a Turkish paper arguing, on the basis of recent Spanish history, against the idea that the provision of democratic rights to minorities creates a pro-secessionist dynamic.


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