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May 25, 2010

Joseph Carens on migration rights

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Joseph Carens is interviewed in the Boston Globe about rights of migration and settlement.


May 3, 2010

Conference programme: Dublin July 2010

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Territory and Justice Conference – Dublin 2010

Venue: Newman House, St. Stephen’s Green

MONDAY July 12

9.00-10.45 Attachment to Land: Property, Territory and Secession

  • Avery Kolers, University of Louisville, USA, “Attachment to Territory: Status or Achievement?”
  • Andrew Shorten, University of Limerick, Ireland, “Secession Rights and Democratic Citizenship””
  • Chris Bertram, University of Bristol, UK, “Property and territory: against the Kantian two-step”

10.45-11.00 break

11.00-12.45 Territorial Rights and a Global Order

  • Adina Preda, UCD, Ireland, “What are territorial rights?”
  • Nenad Miscevic, University of Maribor, Slovenia, “Cosmopolitanism & Territory: Multipolar vs. Cosmopolitan Orders”
  • Ayelet Banai, Goethe University, Germany, “Why do Cosmopolitans Need Borders? On Political Self-Determination and the Normative Significance of Territorial Boundaries”
  • Lea Ypi, Oxford, UK, “A Permissive Theory of Territorial Rights”

12.45-2.00 Lunch

2-3.45 Nationalism, Self-Determination and Territorial Rights

  • Chaim Gans, Tel Aviv University, Israel, TBA
  • Kim Angell, University of Oslo, Norway, “Needs and Desert in David Miller’s Theory of Territorial Rights”
  • Zoran Oklopcic, Carleton University, Canada, “Achieving Choice: Self-Determination, Theories of Secession, and Independence of Kosovo”

3.45-5.30 Resource Rights and Global Justice

  • Hillel Steiner, University of Manchester, UK, “TBA”
  • Margaret Moore, Queen’s University, Canada, “Resource rights and global justice”
  • Chris Armstrong, University of Southampton, UK “Global justice and the convention of national control over resources”

5.30 Wine Reception

7.00 Dinner


9.00-10.45 Sovereignty and Resource Rights

  • Peter Dietsch, University of Montreal, Canada, “Promoting justice in international tax governance”
  • Fabbian Schuppert, Queen”s University Belfast, Northern Ireland ‘Administering Scarce Natural Resources: Time to De-Territorialize and Re-Territorialize Sovereignty”
  • Aviezer Tucker, CEVRO Institute (Prague), Czech Republic, “Sovereignty without Territory, Emigration without Movement: The Panarchist Solution”

10.45-11.00 break

11.00-12.45 Territory and Citizenship

  • Iseult Honohan, UCD, Ireland, “The territorial basis of citizenship acquisition”
  • Patti Lenard, University of Ottawa, Canada, “When are citizenship rights territorially based?”
  • Megan Kime, University of Sheffield, UK, “Environmental Refugees and Global Justice”

12.45-2.00 Lunch

2-3.45 Immigration and Justice

  • Loren Lomasky, University of Virginia, USA, “Migration and Global Justice”
  • Daniel Kofman, University of Ottawa, Canada, “Immigration and Global Justice”
  • Alex Sager, Portland State University, USA, “Immigration and Equality”

3.45-5.30 Immigration, Emigration, and the Space Between

  • Jaakko Kuosmanen, University of Edinburgh, UK, “Moral asymmetry between emigration and immigration”
  • Caleb Yong, Oxford University, UK, “Rights to immigrate and exclude: the need for institutional moral reasoning”
  • Stephanie Silverman, Oxford University, UK, “The Gap Between Control and Deprivation: Some Ethical Considerations in the Discussion of Justifying Immigration Detention in a Liberal State”

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