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February 10, 2012

Territory and justice symposia: 1

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These symposia highlight important contemporary additions on the topics of territorial rights, resource rights, self-determination, immigration and justice. Through the circulation of pre-publication articles and commentaries on these articles, we hope to provide a forum for new and established voices, bringing innovative ideas to bear on these issues.

January 2012 Edition on Resource Rights

(Click on name to access the article)
Avery Kolers (University of Louisville) “Justice, Territory, and Natural Resources”
Margaret Moore (Queen’s University, Ontario) “Natural Resources, Territorial Right, and Global Distributive Justice“

With commentaries by
(Click on name to download commentaries and replies)
Chris Armstrong (University of Southampton)
John Simmons (University of Virginia)

Pdf files of the individual commentaries and replies can be downloaded by following the links to the names above.

Please note: in downloading any of the articles linked above you affirm that they are for your own personal use. For any other purpose, you must obtain permission from the publisher (in the case of target articles) or the author (in the case of JTS commentaries and replies).

How to cite these commentaries:

Author Last Name, Author First Name, “Title of Commentary”, Territory and Justice Symposia (Edition), Cara Nine (ed.), URL .


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