Territory and Justice: a research network


You have reached the home page of the Territory and Justice Network, a research project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK) and the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences. The network is led by Professor Christopher Bertram (University of Bristol) and Dr Cara Nine (University College, Cork) as principal investigators, with the collaboration of Professor Leif Wenar (King’s College, London) and Dr Graham Finlay (University College, Dublin).

Territory is at the center of the most important contemporary issues – war, poverty, climate change, immigration, human rights, secession, and border disputes. Territory determines citizenship, opportunities, rights, obligations, political power, and resource privilege. And yet there are very few philosophical investigations of territorial rights. The omission of theories of territory from current philosophical, political, and legal theoretical discourse is unfortuante, especially given the topic’s immense importance to local and global events. We propose to develop a bi-lateral network of Irish and UK researchers on the topic, “Theories of Territory: Resource Rights, Global Justice, and Self-Determination”. Our objective is to establish Ireland and the UK as the global centre of excellence in research on this substantial and timely topic. Through initial networking opportunities for philosophers, including political, legal and social theorists, we aim to establish an innovative, state-of-the-art research program on theories of territory.

The main page for the project is http://eis.bris.ac.uk/~plcdib/territory.html

To contact please email C.Bertram – at – bristol.ac.uk  or c.nine – at – ucc.ie


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